MMA Workouts: Rotational Exercises To Improve Core Strength

July 15, 2019

In our most recent blog in strength and conditioning exercises, we focused on the upper body using the reactive medicine ball punch and the lower body using the single leg dynamic power step up and how they can be beneficial to add in your training program. We will now demonstrate on improving the core body using rotational exercises, the standing barbell landmine twist.

Workout of the Week - Week 3

Standing Barbell Landmine Twist

Here we see personal trainer and strength & conditioning Coach Andrew Wood demonstrating the standing barbell landmine twist at full speed and then in slow motion.

This exercise is essential for developing rotational power and strength whilst teaching the athlete to improve body coordination from lower to the upper body.

How to do it:

1. Position a bar into a Landmine attachment or securely anchor it in a corner or weight plate (as shown).Load the bar to an appropriate weight. (Depending on your goal this can be light or heavy)

2. Pick the bar from the floor, taking it to shoulder height with both hands with your arms extended in front of you keeping a slight bend at the elbow. Adopt a wider than shoulder width stance.

3. Brace your abs (do this by imagining someone is going to hit you in the gut, it is the same abdominal engagement)

This will be your starting position.

4. Start by rotating your torso and hips as you swing the weight all the way down to your hip on one side. Let your legs bend, pivot on your toes and let them follow your hips.

5. Keep your arms extended with the slight bend throughout. Reverse the motion to swing the weight all the way to the opposite hip.

6. Continue alternating the movement until the number of reps is complete.

Rotational exercises are amazing for athletes in all sports. It is very important especially in combat sports due to the nature of the movements we perform. (throwing punches, kicking, wrestling, etc. all require some type of rotational force)

Rotational work can place a high amount of stress on the spine if done poorly. However, when it's done right and in a way that allows for your hips to move, it can be very effective for sports performance and the transfer of power - building a better athlete.

I hope that you can improve your strength and conditioning program by adding these different methods next time you train and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

On the next exercise, we will demonstrate the Slam Ball Suplex Throw that can help gain explosive strength and power in your MMA training.

Andrew Wood – S&C Coach - Vis Vires Athletics
Coaching Athletes Worldwide
Instagram: @woody_visvires

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