Protective Gear for Training Is Essential

If you are going to be training in any of the fighting sports, whether it is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, or anything else, it is important that you have the proper protection and safety gear during your training to avoid the risk of injury. Of course, you might not know exactlywhat type of safety gear you’re going to need to help keep yourself and any training partners as safe as possible. You’ll quickly discover that there is far more to safety wear and safety gear than you might have imagined. Below, you will find information on a wide range of safety items that you should invest in for your own safety.

Kai Kara France sparring with protective equipment

Keeps You Safe to Keep You Training

Naturally, the biggest benefit that comes from protective gear will be the safety that it can provide for you. When you are training, you want to improve your skills. You don’t want to become injured. You don’t want black eyes and a busted jaw. You don’t want your shins to be so bruised that you have trouble walking the day after a training or sparring session. The goal of protective MMA wear and boxing gear is always to help reduce the potential injuries you will be facing.

Protective Gear for Training Is Essential - Headgear


Naturally, if you are going to be engaging in a sport where you are getting hit in the head, wearing headgear makes sense. Whether you are simply sparring or you are in amateur competition, headgear helps to keep you safe. As with all types of gear, it is important that you choose quality pieces that are going to fit properly. This is especially important with headgear; if you have some that are too small it could cause pain when tightened. If it is too large, it might be difficult to see properly, or it could even slip after a punch and block your vision.


Gloves are important, too, whether boxing or in MMA. They help to keep the hands safe, and they also help to cushion blows against opponents somewhat. They will still land with a lot of force but having some padding rather than knuckles hitting someone’s head doesn’t tend to cause quite as much damage – to either of the fighters.

Shin Guards

When you are kickboxing, involved in MMA, or Muay Thai, or any of the combat sports that involve kicking, having shin guards will be a huge help. You don’t want to injure your shins when kicking, or getting kicked, and these will provide you with that added bit of protection that you need. Again, make sure that they fit properly, and that they won’t slip and slide when you are training.

Hand and Wrist Wraps

While most people think about their gloves when they are getting involved in combat sports, they don’t think much about their hand wraps. However, if you’ve ever hit anything at full power and had your wrist roll, even slightly, you know how painful it can be. It has the potential to do quite a bit of damage and put you out of commission for a while. Therefore, it is important that you have quality hand and wrist wraps that you can use with your boxing gloves. These will help to ensure the wrist stays straight and strong whenever you punch – even when you punch hard. Since MMA gloves tend to be smaller, the wraps are not always used. However, they can still be a very good idea as they provide you the best wrist support you need. They should certainly be something you consider along with the shin pads.

The Right Equipment Is Important

We all know that the right working conditions and the working environment are a game changer in every fighter's career but that does NOT mean that you shouldn't worry about your protective clothing and equipment, you should know that the right equipment worn to stay safe is a must to avoid the risk of injury as we mentioned before, you want to ensure that you don’t injure your body during your training, then you certainly want to pay attention to the protective gear that you buy. Having just “any old protective gear” won’t do. You need to make sure that you have high-quality gear that has been tested and that is built with durability and safety in mind. Take your time to explore the options available through Engage. The store offers a range of MMA gear online, including various types of protective gear.

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