Why Do You Need MMA Shorts?

Have you been on the hunt for some new MMA or K1 shorts that you can use for training or in the ring? Are you wondering why you really even need to have specialized shorts? There are some very good reasons that you will want the right types of shorts, as you will see below.

Why Do You Need Special Shorts for MMA Training and Fighting?

If you’ve thought before about just getting any old shorts that you can find for training, you’ll find that most of the gyms aren’t going to let it slide. You aren’t going to be able to come in with cargo shorts or board shorts to train, even though many trainers have seen newbies try to do exactly this.

Think about those types of shorts for a moment. Not only will they not provide you with the flexibility that you need on the mats, but they often have zippers, metal loops, and other dangerous bits on them. These can get caught up on the mat, and they can rip into the flesh or your training partner or opponent as you are grappling and rolling around.

Another reason that you want to have these types of shorts is that they aren’t going to roll up or down on you. Few things are more embarrassing than having your shorts come down or roll up so everyone can see your underwear. It’s not something anyone wants to deal with, and you certainly don’t want to have to keep fixing your shorts when you are grappling.

The MMA shorts tend to be stretchy in certain areas, which makes them perfect for grappling. They aren’t going to rip and tear, and when you have a quality pair of shorts, they won’t roll up on you. The shorts will typically have a slit on each of the thighs, as well. These small slits will make it possible for you to kick properly without feeling constricted. Essentially, you don’t have to worry about the shorts getting in your way. They will help to facilitate your movement when training and fighting.

MMA shorts work well for grappling, and for anyone who will end up eventually going to the floor to fight. Those who aren’t grapplers and who won’t be training that way and that won’t have the risk of going to the ground in a fight may find that they are better off with other types of shorts. For example, if you are a kickboxer and not a grappler, you will likely want to have kickboxing shorts, Muay Thai shorts or even better the popular MMA Hybrid Shorts instead.

Dan Hangman Hooker wearing MMA Grappling Higher Lion Short

What to Look for in the Shorts

When you are choosing shorts, you can’t simply choose just any pair that you happen to find. You have to make sure that you are choosing the right type of shorts for starters. There are many different types and styles, including those that are similar to board shorts, compression shorts, and hybrid style. Consider which of these will work well for your needs and your aesthetic style.

You naturally want to consider the quality of the materials along with the price, to make sure that it’s the right choice for your needs, and that it is something affordable. Consider the size, as well, to be sure that it will fit you properly. Once you find some that you like, you might want to pick up several pairs, so you always have some clean ones when you are training.

Types of MMA Shorts - MMA Hybrid Shorts versus MMA Grappling Shorts

Getting the MMA Shorts

Where should you shop? Chances are that you won’t have a store in your area that will offer these types of fight shorts or other MMA apparel for that matter. Sure, your gym or dojo might have some options available, but they won’t likely have too much of a variety of size options for you. Instead, you will find that it tends to be a better option to choose to visit a quality MMA online store, such as Engage, to see what they have in stock. You can find MMA and K1 shorts, along with a host of other types of gear that can outfit you whether you are going to be entering a fight or you are simply training.

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