E-Series Bundle

The E-Series range of essential fight gear is suitable for all combat athletes. The vision when creating the E-Series range was to make the most reliable line of training equipment, whilst also keeping the products accessible to as many combat athletes as possible and at a fraction of the price. Gear that looks as good as it performs.

Available in a Black, White and the most recent Pastel colour-way, the E-Series is tailored to suit your personal style. Put together the bundle of your choice and get 5% OFF when you purchase 2 items or 10% OFF when you purchase 3 items and 15% OFF when you purchase 4 items.

Please note, this discount cannot be used with other discount codes or offers
Boxing Gloves
Select your Boxing Gloves
Engage E-Series Boxing Gloves
Engage E-Series Boxing Gloves Pastel
Engage E-Series MMA Grappling Gloves - Black
Engage E-Series Boxing Gloves White
Engage E-Series Boxing Gloves (Gold)
Select your Headgear
Engage E-Series Head Protective Guard
Engage E-Series Head Protective Guard White
Engage E-Series Pastel Head Protective Guard
Engage E-Series Head Protective Guard (Gold)
MMA Gloves
Select your MMA Gloves
Engage E-Series MMA Grappling Gloves - Black
Engage E-Series Pastel MMA Grappling Gloves
Engage E-Series MMA Grappling Gloves (Gold)
Shin Guard
Select your Shin Guard
Engage E-Series Shin Guards Black
Engage E-Series Pastel Shin Guards
Engage E-Series Shin Guards (Gold)

Core Tech Features


Engage Compression wear helps optimize body temperature to maintain maximum muscle function. The breathable compression materials comfortably assist athletic performance and recovery in given situations and act as a second skin to support circulation.


Combining ultra-light and optimal compression, the strategically positioned high-stretch mesh panels oer optimal ventilation that stops you from over-heating whilst keeping you cool and dry.


The form-fitting high tensile elasticated band is lined with a branded soft silicone gripper to lock the garment in place, comfortably.


The reinforced at lock seams for added comfort, durability, and helping keep your skin chafe-free, resisting seam stacking.
Opting for a reduced sewing seam panelling design, at-lock stitching gives a smooth feel, while conforming well to your body regardless of activity.


Our moisture-wicking technology works to pull perspiration from your skin, absorbing sweat and moisture allowing you to remain comfortable whilst maintaining a balanced temperature.


Addressing fatigue as a result of heavy equipment, carefully selected materials have been combined to ensure the product stays as lightweight as possible, whilst maintaining the durability of a much heavier constructed alternative.