Art Series Groin Guard

$39.99 NZD (over 4 payments)

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$39.99 NZD (over 4 payments)

Care Instructions

Changing the game.

The Art Series takes premium boxing equipment in a completely new direction. Maintaining all the fundamental features that experienced boxers look for, including; Premium Full Grain Leather, Hand Stitching, Handmade Construction, Reinforced Wrist Support, Multi-layered Foam Protection and a Comfortable & Secure Ergonomic Fit.

However, the range features a unique and eye-catching design that clearly sets this equipment apart from other competitors in the industry. A bold and disruptive take on these iconic products that moves away from the outdated designs in the market that offer little personality or variance. Walk into the gym ready to out work and out class any opponent you come across.

Built to last, this range is ready to endure even the toughest of sparring sessions.

These Gloves also come with a matching drawstring travel bag.

Care Instructions

Wipe dry inside and out after each use.

Dry flat in shade, in a well ventilated area.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Never soak or saturate leather fight gear in water.

Core Tech Features


All Engage boxing gloves are equipped with Thumb Lock Protect for the safety and security of both the user, and opponent.


Ultra-comfortable, ergonomic wrist straps offer a much more snug secure fit, promoting a correct technique that will keep your hands and wrist supported and ready for round after round of impact.


Strategically placed ventilation holes on the palm allows moisture and hot air out, and allows fresh, cool air in to promote faster drying and offering a more comfortable training session.


Engage Fight Gear is constructed with Moisture Protect Lining, designed to pull moisture away from your skin to help to kill germs and bacteria caused by sweat, and prolong the freshness and life of your gloves to maintain comfort and security.


Engineered with triple-layered High density foam for elite shock management and maximum hand protection during training and sparring.